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Business Meeting

Strategy Consulting

Holistic Approach

Expect us to objectively assess your high-level business challenges thanks to our broad industry experience.

We take a wide look at specific problems that your company is facing and make recommendations on how to handle them using our holistic approach.


We are problem-solvers.

How We Serve You

We examine your company's goals and objectives to identify if your existing practices are in line with your overall target.


After a SWOT analysis helps us identify the issues, we establish a plan of action that may include our core services:


  • Operational Restructuring

  • Marketing Planning

  • Sales & Negotiations Training

  • Sales Consulting - working with you on the sales floor

  • Sponsorship Raising


Our services are available to the Media, Finance, Governmental and Hospitality industries in EMEA.


Particularly, we serve Business and Lifestyle magazines, TV and Radio stations, small and mid-cap Asset Managers, Wealth Managers, Private Banks, Family Offices, FX Brokers and Hotels.

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