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Our Founder & CEO

I was born in Pireas, Attica, Greece, and moved to London when I was 18 years old, in 1997.
Growing up in an entrepreneurial family, I was introduced to the word “deal” and the challenges around it, at a very young age. For over 20 years, I developed a career in Marketing and Sales, mastering Strategic Negotiations in industries that include Banking & Finance, International Relations in a Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) context, Sports and Media & Entertainment. 

After I left Citigroup's London Offshore Wealth Management division (IPB) in 2013, I entered Private Equity with Meridian Equity Partners in London, Mayfair. I got involved in Shipping, Governmental, Media, and Real Estate deals, in Europe and the Middle East, while in 2016, I successfully restructured a London-based global business publication, The European, achieving an 18% revenue increase in twelve months. 

During the annual Banking & Finance awards programme of the publication, I structured, directed and presented more than ten video award presentations, on camera at Reuters | Tima studios in London.   

Throughout my career, I had the opportunity to work with Business Families and Investors (Institutional and Personal) as well as organisations whose needs ranged from marketing and PR planning, raising sponsorship and/or working capital, to improving sales and operations. 

I hold a Bachelor's degree in European Studies & Marketing from London Guildhall University and I am a member of several philosophical clubs in Europe.  

My free time is dedicated to family & friends, watching or playing basketball (huge fan of the Euroleague), while you will often find me enjoying tasting events, including cigars’ tasting over single malt whisky, in cigar lounges in London, Athens and Monaco. 
I love my morning coffee!

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